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Terry Welker

Artist Website


Edgemont Campus

Building Location:

Main Lobby


Custom-colored aluminum, stainless steel wire (2022). Terry Welker is an architect/sculptor and was elevated to the American Institute of Architects College of Fellows in 2016 because of his history of place-making as he marries art and architecture. "Everyone deserves beauty. Using size and scale, I always approach spaces like this and work to make memorable places. My goal is to create a sense of place such that it would be hard to imagine this place without this art. Flow is intended to evoke appreciation and memories of our rich Miami Valley heritage of Five Rivers, and honor the namesake of this life-giving institution. As visitors arrive, I hope they sense a feeling of calm and joy even though the reason they are here can be stressful. Beauty has this effect on people because it causes them to bein the moment and forget their worries."