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Everyone Deserves Beauty

In 2020, during the planning and design of our new Edgemont Campus, consultants proposed that we fill the space with mass-produced prints which seemed very generic and boring. In addition, we knew that studies show a direct correlation between physical and mental well-being and the visual arts. With the help of Terry Welker, the African-American Visual Artists Guild, Front Street Gallery artists, We Care Arts, Amy & Kevin Deal, Scott Gibbs and dozens of local artists and creatives, we curated and installed more than 125 pieces for the Edgemont Campus. We now plan to support more local artists by curating more art for our other health center locations in Dayton and Xenia.

Ron Rollins

Sarah Wrona

Kelsey Wolford

Lydia Williamson

Chip Williamson

Terry Welker

We Care Arts Artists

Yvette Walker Dalton

Andrea Walker Cummings

Emily vonStockrad Smolinski

Ryan Taylor

5th & 6th Grade Students

Andy Snow

Stephanie Shields

Craig Screven

Kate Santucci

Libby Rudolf

Kate Santucci

Julie Riley

Debra Richardson-Wood

Marsha Pippenger

Hyacinth Paul

Carol O'Neal

Melanie Morrett

Carlos Landaburu

Bonnie Kuntz

Jean Koeller

Erica Keener

Cathy Jeffers

Mikee Huber

Harold Hodge

Lynn Hodge

Terry Hitt

Al Harden

Darren Haper

Bley Hack

Margie Elaine Grove

Scott Gibbs

Robert Farley

Samantha Farkas

Mike Elsass

Horace Dozier, Sr.

Ronnie Doyal

Lisa Dineen

Charles Diggs

Amy Deal

Derrick Davis

Bing Davis

Lori Daughtery

Jon Daughtery

Clifford Darrett

Donna Cox

Tricia Calvert

Ellen Bukvic

Ira Brukner

Dave Brock

Justin B. Bowling

Justin B. Bowling

Justin B. Bowling

Justin B. Bowling

Joel Blazer

Antoinette Birdsong

Alison Bour

Yvette Walker Dalton

Julie Riley

Marsha Monroe Pippenger

Sarah Bennett

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