At Five Rivers we strive to provide excellent care for all of our patients, including vision care.

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Care We Provide

Amblyopia detection and treatment
Bifocal/trifocal glasses
Comprehensive eye exams
Diabetic eye exams
Frame adjustments and repair
Glaucoma screening
Pediatric vision care
Single vision glasses
Translation services

Visit a Five Rivers Health Center Facility

We have multiple facilities ready to serve all your vision needs

Dayton Public School-Based Health CenterLocation Support icon

Dayton Public School-Based Health Center

1923 W. Third Street Suite 200 Dayton, OH, 45417
(937) 281-6800
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Trotwood-Madison School-Based Health CenterLocation Support icon

Trotwood-Madison School-Based Health Center

3594 N. Snyder Road Suite 100 Trotwood, Ohio 45426
(937) 281-6800
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Meet Our Vision Providers

Here at Five Rivers Health Centers, we have qualified medical staff at multiple locations ready to serve all of our healthcare needs. Pick a facility closest to you and meet our vision providers before you even schedule an appointment.

Jennifer Brandon

Jennifer Brandon